Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Decorations, 2009

Today my friend, Carolyn, asked to see pictures of the decorating we had done in our home this Christmas season. Although we did not decorate as much as we have in past years, I promised to share some photos with her.I decorate differently each time and I like to have photos to use (for when I do want to duplicate something), so her request reminded me to get snapping. The photos don't really show everything, although if you click on each photo, you can see more. Anyway, as promised, here are the photos, Carolyn! :D

This is our stairway, where we tend to take lots of photos throughout the year.

Below is the dining room.

These 2 photos are the formal living room. Since we always decorate the week of Thanksgiving, our tree is artificial. Ken really outdid himself with lights on our 10 foot tree this year, and they really are beautiful. I wish you could see it better.

Breakfast room.

This is our family room, where we live most of the time. Again, it's hard to see the lights on the mantle as well as the decorations. We haven't hung the stockings yet, either. In fact, about all I see are the dishelved bookshelves because I've been enjoying my cookbooks a lot recently!

I tried to take some outside photos, but they didn't turn out very well. There are outside lights, but they are hard to see. The lights that are visible are from the tree and stairway at the front of the house. Ken usually puts up spotlights outside as well as other lights, but I think we both ran out of energy this year!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Janet Carsten said...

Just beautiful! I have been incredibly lazy this year. Tree, stockings & a few poinsettias. We are taking the boys to Orlando though. Does that make up for it?

Vanessa said...

You are always my biggest supporter! Thank you for your sweet comments. And at their age, are you kidding? Your kids would certainly rather see Mickey and Minnie and the gang more than anything else! I hope you guys have a wonderful time at Disney!

The Ski's said...

Your house looks beautiful as always. If you ever want someone to destroy all those beautiful things that I couldn't DREAM of putting out....I will loan you a little 2 year old, anytime. He would LOVE to tear apart all the lovely things you have out!!! : ) Glad to see Matthew is home and well. Ellie spotted him outside emptying his truck, and she exclaimed, "It's MATTHEW, Can I say HI????" She was so excited!!!! Have a very Merry Christmas, Vanessa!

Vanessa said...

Thanks, Janeen.

Well, that sweet 2 year old is doing his job! He's healthy and clever and curious! I do have to admit that it's a good thing God gives us children when we're young! ;-)

Yes, we are delighted to have Matthew home. It's always a joy to hear his truck back up into the driveway! Maybe Ellie can see him while he's home. :)

Love you guys!