Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Matthew (and Parents'!) Update

Let me first say thank you to everyone who has visited, called, emailed, texted and IM'ed us since Matthew left for college. Your support has been amazing and Ken and I appreciate each one of you! I know that it is your support and especially your prayers that have gotten us successfully to Day 6 (but who's counting?!).

(This photo was taken at Summer Orientation several weeks ago, in front of the residence hall where Matthew now lives.)

So many of you have asked about Matthew, so here's a little update....

We helped Matthew move in on Wednesday of last week and then assisted him with some related moving in/college issues on Thursday. We said our goodbyes and left for home, not sure what to expect. Well, God is good. He takes care of us and He answers prayers. As you can tell from my tone (I hope) we are doing fine and life has gone on - imagine that! (And yes, Susie, we DID leave him at Miami! ;-)

Matthew is doing GREAT! He loves Miami University and has begun to adjust very well. He seems to be enjoying his classes so far (he has 6 classes including business, psychology, English and Calculus). He's met a lot of new students and has reconnected with several friends and acquaintances. He knows people there from summer orientation, Buckeye Boys' State and even his People to People Student Ambassador trip to Australia! It truly is a small world! One of his best friends from high school, Trent, is also a freshman at Miami this year.

Matthew is in the Honors Program at Miami and lives in one of the Honors Dorms (which, by the way, is co-ed). His roommate, Patrick, is from Cincinnati (which is less than an hour away) and the two of them seem to be hitting it off well. Trent is on the same floor, in an adjacent corridor. And some of the girls Matthew knows there live on floors in the same building.

Here are some fun tidbits Matthew has shared:

1. His Calculus professor stops about halfway thru class for a couple of jokes. He shares one and the student joke-teller of the day shares one. I love it!

2. Matthew loves his laundry service. Yes, they provide a laundry service (up to 12 pounds a week, I think). Matthew texted me and shared that he placed his laundry in his assigned bag and placed it on "the cable" Monday night about 11:00. After returning from his Calculus class on Tuesday, he was pleased to see his clean, folded laundry placed in a bag and laid on his bed. Amazing!! (Think they make house calls?) I think Matthew has decided to wash his towels and jeans and submit everything else to the laundry service.

3. After only a brief while, he has become increasingly impressed with Miami's Farmer's School of Business (for which Miami is known). He is seriously considering marketing as a major within the School of Business (he DOES take some things after me! :-) I know that regardless of what field of study he choses he will do well. He has drive and ambition and I have complete confidence in him and in whatever area he chooses.

4. Probably most importantly, I can tell that Matthew is making efforts to learn the campus and find out what's available to him and where it's all located. Miami's freshman orientation is wonderful (it's a 4-day event they call 'First Year Institute'). Activities during those days help students immensely, encouraging them to explore the campus. He is meeting people and participating in fun events around campus. We learned he sent an important 'thank you' via email from King Library one day while he was out and about. That was the day before the official orientation at the library, but he was scoping out the campus on his own and making use of the resources there, which we thought was terrific.

Needless to say, being away at school is an adjustment for student and parent. No matter how long we prepare, it's a challenge for everyone. Yet, I take great comfort in my belief that Matthew is where he needs to be at this point in his life. I will always miss him when he's not with me, but I know that he must pursue his passions, and as much as he loves Orrville, well, Miami University isn't here. So, I pray he makes good decisions and I ask God to keep him safe until I have the opportunity to see him again. And I have to say, that quick text or brief IM session with him has meant everything to get me this far. I know he's matured a great deal. Hopefully it's that maturity that enables him to see how very important that contact can be for us as his parents. It's been a little, but oh, so important way that he's been able to show hospitality to us from across the miles.


The Ski's said...

So glad to hear things are well. I have Matthew's card from Ellie that has been sitting on our dining room table all week. It has gotten shuffled from place to place this week, but with school starting, life has just been a little chaotic. This weekend I hope to take some time and get it sent. Thanks for his address. Again, glad thigs are well, and please know, we keep all of you covered in prayer. Hugs to all!

Vanessa said...

Hi Janeen,

Thank you so much for your concern and especially your prayers! I believe that's why we are doing as well as we are....

As far as mailing Matthew's card - don't worry. He'll be thrilled to get it WHENEVER it arrives! He has always loved mail. If memory serves me right, being in college only makes mail appreciated more! :)

Love to you all,