Monday, August 3, 2009

Reconnecting With Old Friends

I have to admit, I am new to the world of Facebook and was a little hesitant to join the craze. Finally, last week I began adding to my profile and connecting with some local friends whom I had not seen in a while. That, of course, led to lunch with my friend Tina, and other interesting reconnects! It was fun and I was hooked! This Facebook thing is addictive!

And then....last night while checking new emails on Facebook, I was surprised - no, shocked is a better word - to get an email, out of the blue, from my dear friend Barb (Shuman) Fehl from college! I had last seen Barb about 15 years ago when some friends had a reunion and we all got together in Bowling Green (I graduated from BGSU in 1983). But, Barb and I had lost contact through the years, with all the relocations our little family has had. In recent years I had tried, to no avail, to reach Barb through the usual means (internet and Google). So, when I got a Facebook message from her, I was so, so happy!

You see, Barb had an amazing influence on my life. We met as college freshmen and I was so blessed to know her! I saw for the first time how cool it could be to be a Christian AND a college student! She had an amazing group of Christian friends who welcomed me with arms and hearts wide open. I will never forget the love they showed me and the positive influence they had on my life. I have such fond memories of Barb and the fun times we shared on the 3rd floor of Harmon Hall in those days! I will always remember the love and hospitality she and her family showed me when I visited their home for the weekend in Upper Sandusky all those years ago! Hospitaliy from a quarter of a century ago is still fresh and alive in my heart!

I am meeting again next week with two other college friends - Lynnette and Joyce (2 of my freshman roommates). We have had the opportunity to reconnect a few times over the last few years. Not long before his death, my Dad surprised me by reconnecting on my behalf with these gals! What a priceless gift he gave me! It was during a time when I was so busy with work, family and home that I let many friendships go unattended. I am not proud of this, but I am proud to say that it was my dad who facilitated the reconnection with Joyce and Lynnette and I am so grateful for it! In the time since losing him, I have come to realize more and more just how important all those friendships are to me. I don't want to lose connection with these friends again.

I am so grateful to have re-connected with these old friends! With whom have you lost touch? If you would like to reconnect, what's holding you back?

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