Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Share Your Memories With Me

I want to hear from YOU!!

Do you know people who have the gift of hospitality? What kinds of things do they do to make you feel welcome, at home, loved? Is it a look, a touch, specific things they do? Why do you feel this person has the gift of hospitality?

How about when you were younger - lots younger, like 8 or 10. Do you have special memories of someone from days gone by? Maybe that person has since passed away or maybe you're fortunate enough that he or she is still in your life. What specifically did that person do that made you feel special?

As you think about this, keep in mind the senses.

See -I suppose it goes without saying, but do you have visual memories that hold a special plate in your heart? Was it a smile or a look from someone?
Taste - this is an obvious one, too, but what tastes do you recall?
Smell - similarly, were there pleasant aromas wafting from a kitchen in your memories?
Touch - do you remember the fabric that covered a couch or the smooth cotton of a handmade quilt on the bed?
Hear - and finally, what sounds do you remember? Was the radio always on (if so, what songs do you remember?), did someone play the piano or other musical instrument?

I'm anxious to hear from you, my readers. You may leave a message here, email me at: or friend me on Facebook.

I will be posting answers in the not-too-distant future. Please share your memories with me!

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