Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Family Weekend at Miami University

I know it's been a long time since I posted. It's been a busy time! Here are photos from Family Weekend at Miami, which we just attended.

It was wonderful to see Matthew! Visiting him at Miami on 'his turf' was a real treat! He gave us a tour of the new Farmer's School of Business (Miami's pride and joy!) and other buildings where he has classes. He's obviously comfortable at MU and is adjusting well. Ah, music to parents' ears!!

This photo was taken outside the residence hall where Matthew lives.

We attended the Bill Cosby show at Millet Hall. Ken got us great seats on the floor, just a few rows back from the stage.

Bill Cosby put on a great show. He talked about college life in his own special way and also did his "dentist" routine. Hilarious!

We can't believe how mature Matthew has become. Here he's photographed with President Hodge, Miami University's President. Matthew saw him before the Cosby show started and wanted to go over to introduce himself. Of course, I had to capture the moment with a photo.

We also got to see Trent, our other son who attends Miami. These are Trent's biological parents, Jim and Carol. Of course, we claim him as our own, but we understand he wants to spend time with his other parents, too. We still got to spend time with him, as he attended the Cosby show with us.

Matthew and Trent with 2 new friends. From the left: Trent, Xiang Cheng, David and Matthew. They all live in Tappan, the residence hall for honors students.

These were taken at the Bed & Breakfast, where we stayed in Richmond, Indiana. Miami is really close to the Indiana state line.

It was a wonderful weekend - the most fun I've had - ever, maybe! Thank you, Matthew, for your hospitality and for showing us a great time! Love you!


Janet Carsten said...

Glad to hear you had fun. Matthew looks wonderful, college life is certainly agreeing with him. I see that Kenny just couldn't help himself. He just had to wear a VA Tech shirt. Even Bill wore a Miami sweatshirt. :)

Love to all of you!

Vanessa said...

You are very perceptive! Actually, Ken did wear Miami stuff most of the weekend, but you're right, he DID have to wear that Virginia Tech shirt!! :)