Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prayers for Janet

Please pray for my cousin, Janet, who is in intensive care in a Chicago hospital.

As many of you know from Facebook and email, Janet has been diagnosed with H1N1 and is in critical condition. She is being brought out of the medically induced paralysis and coma that she has been in for a couple of weeks. Over the next few days, tests should reveal what, if any, damage has been done to her body as a result of the infection. Please pray for Janet and her husband, Dallas. Her grown children are Dallas and Allysha. (Also, her mom is Juanita, one of my favorite aunts, about whom I have written on different occasions.)

Janet is such a fun-loving person. She loves to laugh and although she's only a few years my senior, she's always been someone I've admired. A characteristic I've noticed about her is her sensitivity. When the family gets together and then gets ready to separate, Janet is always the first to cry, hesitating to break away. I think she realizes how precious family is and that we have no guarantees that we'll all be together again. Please pray for Janet. She is precious to all of us.

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