Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm a Verbal Person

I’m verbal. It’s true. Although I loved science throughout school (and even got an award or two, I am proud to say), when it comes to math – don’t even go there! I admit that Matthew lost me right around the 4th grade mark. In fact, I was useless to the poor kid in that subject. My idea of math is multiplying ingredients to double or triple a recipe. It’s true. (I was so happy for the “D” I got in Calculus in college. If I could have taken it ‘Pass/Fall’, it would have been an even bigger gift.)

It’s because of this that I am soooooooooo grateful that Matthew got his math skills from his engineer-father. Yes, Ken used a write-on white board to supplement the teachings for many of our kids doing homework in the Matt-cave during junior high and high school. We have always been very proud of our strong OHS math department, but hey, hearing an explanation from a second ‘teacher’ doesn’t hurt, right? Ken still knows the stuff like he teaches it and he has never taught - well, not officially, anyway. And he graduated from Virginia Tech decades ago. How does he do it?? Don't know, don't care how, just glad he does!

So…I was delighted to receive this shirt (that I picked out) as a Christmas present this year. Yes, I am verbal and proud of it. ‘Nuff said.

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