Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Janet!

From Left: Jace, Dan, Nate and Janet

Today I wish a very Happy Birthday to someone I love and admire: my sister-in-law, Janet.

My husband, Kenny, is one of five kids: he has an older brother, Keith, who lives in Cincinnati; a younger brother, Kevin, who lives in Germany (and is in the Army); a younger sister, Janet, who is celebrating a birthday today, lives in Missouri; and the youngest sibling, Judy, who lives in North Carolina.

Janet, who is a beautiful mother of two, is a stay-at-home mom. She has a degree in accounting (at least I think that’s what her official degree is in….) but chooses to be home with her two boys, Nate and Jace.

Janet’s husband, Dan, travels a lot with work. In fact, they, like us, have moved quite a bit in the years they have been married as a result of Dan’s work. Although she misses Dan terribly when he's away, Janet is no shrinking violet; she's an independent sort, making do while she and the boys are on their own. I know she has been involved in mothers’ groups in the past and has even helped organize some in areas where she’s lived.

Even when the boys were small, Janet never let being alone with them keep her home. She would put those boys in her SUV or on a plane and away they’d go to visit family and friends. That spirit of independence has always impressed me! Janet is small, but she’s mighty! Janet enjoys the fall season and has always loved animals. She also has a passion for living near the water. I know her dream is to live in the southeast again one day, where they can once again enjoy water sports with their boys on a regular basis.

Happy Birthday, Janet! I hope your day is terrific – just like you!!

Love you!

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Janet said...

What a great birthday gift! Thanks so much for all the compliments. Love you, too!