Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've Been Thinking of You....

I have been delinquent in writing a thank you note to someone, and the thought of it remaining unwritten hangs above my head like the caption of a cartoon.

Do you put off such tasks? Clearly we know the importance of thank you notes. A thank you note sent to a gift giver allows her to know her gift was received and appreciated. Of course, it is equally important to send thank you notes to others to tell them how much we appreciate them for some service or gift in kind they have provided.

Just as importantly, I find are ‘Thinking of you’ notes. Aren’t those wonderful to receive? E-mail is terrific and Facebook has been a real joy, but nothing and I mean NOTHING takes the place of a handwritten, snail-mail note from someone I love and who loves me. And when I say a 'Thinking of you’ note, I don’t care if the message is relayed on fine stationery, a Hallmark card or notebook paper ripped out of an old notebook! I just love to know that someone thought of me!

So, I have decided that I am going to begin a writing campaign to tell many of those I love how much I think about them by sending them a note (to inform them of this!) by snail mail.

Whom do you need to write today?

• Is there a college student who would love to hear from you?

• How about a service member, far away from home who would take comfort in knowing that he or she is thought of daily?

• How about a friend or neighbor from some place where you once lived?

• Is there an older friend you haven’t seen in a while or someone missing from the pew in front of you in church on Sunday?

• Do you have a favorite aunt or uncle you remember fondly but rarely contact?

• Maybe you need to contact a parent or close relative with whom you’ve lost touch? Life is far too short to let trivial issues get in the way. Be the first to write (or better yet, in this case, even call!) and say, “I’m sorry, and I’ve been thinking of you.” You’ll be so glad you did.

Someone, somewhere, would love to hear from you today! So grab your stationery or that old notebook paper and get writing.

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