Friday, February 26, 2010

"The Lord Will Bless You"

I’ve gotten so much done in the last couple of days. And I am really, really happy about that. I work with small businesses and do marketing from home. Some days I get a lot done, and some days, not as much as I'd like. The last couple of days, though, I’ve taken on some extra projects for a colleague who has some quickly arriving deadlines. She called and said, “Vanessa, HELP!”

I learned she was doing well with her projects until an emergency with a young family friend, the age of her children, needed her – and in a very desperate way. My friend, always ready to help someone in need, made herself available at her own risk, believing she would find help in some way. So, she called me, hoping I had some time to pitch in to get the projects completed. I was delighted to help.

As I met with her this past week and listened to the story she shared, I was moved by her compassion and love for this young person in need. In the midst of all of her own work deadlines and her own family concerns, clearly the needs of this young woman were on her mind.

As we finished our meeting and I started to leave, I remembered my mother telling others so many times, “The Lord will bless you.” Whenever someone shared with my mom and was bewildered about what task they had been called upon to do for someone or why they had been asked to help in some way, my mom would always smile and say, “The Lord will bless you.”

That simple phrase still speaks so much to me. It means that we are called to help sometimes; there are no coincidences, only connections. God intends for us to be there, to help each other when we’re needed.

So, I told my friend how my mom used to share that simple phrase. She smiled good-naturedly and probably hoped that she would feel blessed. At the time she was still feeling pretty stressed. I know I have already been blessed by helping my friend. I have already gotten done more than I would have otherwise, and I have in the process taken a little pressure off someone who needs to be present for someone else. Yes, the Lord has truly blessed me!

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