Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Sure Sign of Spring

(Reid and Ellie, our sweet, across-the-street neighbors! I scanned this photo from a whole calendar of photos they gave us for Christmas.)

I saw it today. It’s a sure sign of spring. While getting clothes out of the dryer, I looked out the window and there they were: Ellie and Reid, those two sweet-faced kids who live across the street from us were out in their driveway playing with their dad! And they weren’t even making a snowman! Ah, what a welcome, sweet sight that was to me today!

Yes, we still have snow on the ground here, but they were walking around, almost like they were trying to get their sea legs, poor things. In the life of a 2 year old and a 5 year old, an Ohio winter is, well, a good portion of their lives! They probably struggle to remember the warm days of their youth!

Well, it has been a long time since it was warm and sunny. Today it was beautiful here. I think it was in the mid-30’s. Yes, I know, it’s not Florida, but we are talking northeastern Ohio here. We'll take it!

As I looked out at the three of them outside, I wasn’t sure who was more excited they were out there – the kids or me! I bet Brian, their dad, was also pretty excited to be out and about. I remember when Matthew was little how nice it was to get him outside where that pent-up energy could be set free!

Just seeing them out there gave me hope. It reminded me that spring is coming, it really is! It made me think of sunny days and flowers and sitting on our huge covered back porch (ok, it’s really a patio slab, where I’ll soon be fussing about the sun being too bright, but a girl can dream, can’t she?!).

But for now, I’ll just look forward to those warm, sunny days. How about you? What signs of spring have you seen?


The Ski's said...

Vanessa, you are too sweet to write about Ellie and Reid. Whenever Reid sees any sign of you all, he screams, "BROWER THERE!!!" And he immediately wants to come see you. We really arent' stalking you....the kids just LOVE you all. It is a sure sign of Spring, I hope, that they were all able to get outside and enjoy a bit of the warm sunshine. While Mom was getting supper put together, they were very much enjoying their time together. Please know how much you all mean to us, and be on the listen for "Brower!!!" With warm weather approaching, it's bound to be heard sooner than later!

Vanessa said...

And we all love hearing them call for us! :D Please don't ever hesitate to let them! We get so much joy from your beautiful children. We look forward to spring and summer days when we will see more of them - and you!