Friday, March 26, 2010

If Memory Serves Me Right...

(This is a stock photo but it reminds me of Laddie, my first dog.)

What is your very first memory? Have you ever thought about it?

I have several early memories and I don’t know for sure which event was first, but I believe the first one happened when we were living with (or visiting) my maternal grandparents when they lived in LaGrange, Illinois. I think I was about four years old.

I had a twin-sized bed and slept in my parents’ room. One morning my dad came in early and awakened me with a surprise. He had a dog with him and he told me it was for me! It was a fully grown sable and white collie (like Lassie). His name was Laddie. A colleague had given him to my dad. Apparently Laddie wasn’t working out at their house and he wanted rid of him. I don’t remember anything else about Laddie in Illinois, but I do remember having him in Virginia, where we lived later.

Laddie was the first of several collies in our family. After Ken and I were married, we also had collies when we lived out in the country. They are such sweet, loving dogs and they have wonderful temperments.

What is your first memory? Do you have any idea how old you were? Some people think they remember events from their toddler years. I think that's amazing! My memories don’t seem to go back that far. In fact, these days my memory seems to have enough trouble recalling where I put my purse and my car keys!

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