Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring and My Thoughts Turn to....Organization?

I’m on a huge organization kick. I mean a really big one. Oh, I always like things picked up. Every day, I go through the house in the morning, pick up, wipe down, straighten up, you know, make sure everything is in place. But something happens to me during this time of year. It’s like I get an urge to clean out, purge the unnecessary and organize what’s left. It kind of reminds me of the feeling of an expectant mom getting that nesting instinct. But for goodness’ sake, I'm glad it's not the nesting instinct I'm experiencing! I’m way too old for that! I’ll take the spring cleaning instinct!

I was not always like this. Oh no, not at all. I used to be quite a messy kid. I’d shove anything I could under my bed. It was hard to tell what my mother would find under there. I was especially fond of craft projects and some of the overflow made it under there.

A joke in my family was how I used to like to glue pasta, like uncooked spaghetti and macaroni on paper plates and make “art.” I guess I was creative even then. I used a lot of Elmer’s Glue. My mom swore there were years when I was personally responsible for keeping Elmer’s in business. Guess my fondness for business started early, too. Who knew?

Thankfully, I am a bit more organized now. Still, our home office needs attention, so that’s where I’m heading today. I wonder if we have any Elmer’s Glue…

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